Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Steps for bringing down Road Accidents in India (2)

  • Raising of lower age limit for two wheeler and Heavy Vehicle license to 21.
  • Helmet should be made compulsory by law in all states, OR impose a lower speed limit for those who do not use helmet.
  • Helmet should be made compulsory for back seat riders also
  • Ensure that all Helmet users are fixing the Chinstrap of Helmet.Otherwise it will not help during an accident.
  •  Ensure that ONLY good quality Helmets are available in the market.
  • Strict enforcement of existing traffic rules.
  • Law should be modified such that the person who made the accident has to bear (say) 0 to 10 % of the insurance claims, depending on severity of negligence. Also the compensations should be made very huge, making accidents unaffordable so that everyone will be very vigilant.
  • All those who do not maintain the safe distance for the speed should be punished. 
  • Safety awareness should begin from childhood, as it is difficult to impart awareness to a grown up a human. If safety awareness is imparted at childhood, safety will be a habit.
  • Video / Computer Games that simulate Racing should be banned by Government OR discouraged by parents as it will develop racing habit in children.
  • All sorts of Motor sports especially racing should be banned in India by government. Telecast of Motor Sports and Racing also should be banned.
  • Racing and over speed / highly risky riding, driving by Heroes should not be filmed in cinemas and TV serials. Government should censor such scenes.
  • Children below a certain age should not be permitted to do cycling in busy roads / roads where heavy vehicles are plying.

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