About us

The help line for the taxi-cab drivers of Kerala was conceived  in  the  mind  and heart  of  Fr Varghese Karippery, a Catholic priest of the Diocese of Trichur, in Kerala, a state in South India, and brought to birth by his personal efforts. Learning of the sad plight of these poor taxi-cab drivers in the city of Cochin, in Kerala he decided to get, as it were the feel of the situation by quietly intermingling with the drivers and personally sharing their day-to-day life and experiences.With this in mind he donned on simple and poor clothes usually worn by cab drivers in these days, and tried to mingle with them and befriend them.
           In the beginning, naturally they viewed this new found friend with suspicion and distrust and were slow in accepting him into their circle.He conversed freely with them, listened to their pitiable tales, shared, to some extent, their day to day experiences and accepted whatever food and drink and sleeping accommodation they had to offer him. He was sad and shocked to learn that some of these drivers who already sexagenarians and septuagenarians and had been at this profession right from their youth were still leading a hand-to-mouth existence, with no savings to show for the future for all their pains.
           After living with them for about two months Fr Varghese came away convinced and determined that something needed to be done - and urgently - for the betterment of these unfortunate taxi car drivers.He was inspired to found - SARATHI - A HELPLINE FOR DRIVERS for the taxi car drivers to Kerala to begin with.May the good Lord bless Baby SARATHI with health, growth and development and may it, in its turn help her beneficiaries, the taxi-cab drivers towards a more dignified existence and living worthy of human beings.And may the Lord bless her progenitor Fr Varghese, with health, grace and the happiness of seeing his baby SARATHI achieve what she is meant to do. SO BE IT ! 

Why accidents? 
According to police report, among many reasons, some reasons are the following, 
Ø  Not knowing or not adopting correct driving habits 
Ø  Driver’s ignorance or violation of traffic rules 
Ø  Drunken driving 
Ø  Drivers sleeping while driving 
Ø  Driving with tensions and irritable behaviors
                                Added to these reasons we observe distracted mind settings of drivers with financial crisis, family relationships, low self esteem and work dignity. Sarathi came forward to motivate and empower the taxi and auto drives by following activities.
1.      Self help groups,
2.      Welfare schemes,
3.      Insurance benefits,
4.      Awareness programs
5.      Counseling services.

Impact of the project 
                                By implementing these activities, we visualize the increase of self esteem and work dignity among the drivers. So that drivers should be the agents of social harmony and peace.

We expect your financial support for …..
1.      Field staffs for 14 districts of Kerala
2.      Formation of self help groups among the drivers
3.      Bimonthly magazine for creative thoughts and value education
4.      Traveling expenses for field staffs
5.      Awareness programs on traffic rules and personality development.
                              We need 15 lacks of rupees per year for the materialization of above mentioned program. If you cooperate with us, we assure you that the fund which you give will be utilized only for this noble venture.
The advertisement of your esteemed firm will be promoted by our different kinds of literatures and drivers all over Kerala.
                  Expecting your favorable response,
                  Yours faithfully
                  Fr.Varghese Karippery
                  Director, Sarathi.