Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sarathi Activities

Sarathi is a Helpline for Drivers


For Accident Free Roads and Passenger Friendly Drivers!

Sarathi Overview

Sarathi visualizes its activities for the upliftment of the unorganized, and powerless group of Taxi drivers in to an organized and powerful group of people through

Motivation:- By respecting and valuing them as equals -By training them about the significance of their job - By instilling hope and self-confidence in them -By helping them take personal pride in what they do.

Appreciation:- By exercising the basic virtues of respect, dignity, kindness and courtesy in all dealings -By giving recognition and credit appropriately and frequently -By valuing their contribution without looking at their back-ground or status.

Revitalization:- By committing to make a difference to the customers -By working together with trust to achieve superior customer service -By encouraging open, honest communication -By treating others as we ourselves would like to be treated. 

Integral Development:- By helping them help themselves -By improving the social, economical, cultural and educational aspects of the family -By inculcating ethical and moral values.


The study conducted among the taxi drivers by the Sarathi volunteers came to the conclusion that this section of society is exploited, economically backward, and not organized at all in order to win over their rights in society. There are drivers with tremendous capacities and talents, who can do a lot of good for society. But the only thing that remain underlined about them is that there is no one to guide them, to motivate them, to improve themselves, to appreciate them for the good deeds done by them. There is no one to put a new strength or power into them for their self growth, and to make them an integrated group of our society.