Sunday, 13 May 2012

Steps for bringing down Road Accidents in India.

Some of the following suggestions may be irrelevant, obsolete or even ridiculous, but it is sure that most of the suggestions are capable of saving thousands of lives.

• Most important method to bring down accidents is strict enforcement of speed limits. 90 % of accidents can be avoided by strict enforcement of speed limits.

• Penalty of ( say ) minimum Rs. 1000 should be imposed on ALL
those who cross speed limits. If this is strictly implemented,
nobody will dare to go at high speed.

• Existing speed limits should be brought down further.

• Heavy penalty for those who cause accidents.

• Tamper proof speed controllers should be made mandatory for all
heavy vehicles. New heavy vehicles should have built in tamper proof speed controllers.

• Two wheeler manufacturers should be asked to design two wheelers with a designed maximum speed of (say) 50/60 kmph.

• New gadgets are to be developed for collision prevention and should be fitted on all vehicle. DRDO and other research organizations should be asked to develop such gadgets on a war
footing. For example, gadgets can be developed to automatically slow down the vehicle, if safe distance commensurate with the speed of the vehicle in front is not maintained.

• Diving tests for issue of Driving license is to be made more stringent and foolproof.

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  1. nICELY said. Well said. and definitely a concerned citizen's suggestion that needs to be taken seriously...