Thursday, 10 May 2012

Decade of Action for Road Safety by WHO (4)

Conclusions and recommendations
Since the previous report to the General Assembly on road safety, many activities have been undertaken locally, nationally, regionally and internationally.
The Decade of Action for Road Safety, launched on 11 May 2011, is a unique opportunity for continued international focus on road safety and the need for increasing focus in setting targets, developing plans of action and implementing activities and monitoring.Much more needs to be done as evidenced by the Global status report on road safety, and levels of funding remain a major challenge, particularly for low- to middle-income countries to implement, sustain and scale up measures that can lead to reduced fatalities and injuries.

Road safety continues to be an area that is not addressed systematically. Lack of national lead agencies, comprehensive and effective legislation, and inadequate road infrastructure are also major challenges that need to be addressed systematically in order to achieve meaningful results. Lack of data and local capacity for monitoring and evaluating road safety projects remains a
challenge, and more needs to be done to strengthen efforts to collect appropriate data for analysis and decision-making on road safety, including the health, social and economic impact, and cost-effectiveness of interventions.

To support actions on the ground during the Decade, more funds will be
needed for United Nations activities and activities in Governments, subnational
authorities and civil societies.

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