Friday, 25 November 2011

Activities of Sarathi

The help line for taxi drivers - at present comprises of three full-time volunteers and three part-time volunteers who, to some extent, are supported and encouraged by some local friends and well-wishers. Sarathi concentrates its activities among thousands of taxi-cab drivers throughout Kerala and it is working on the following projects to ameliorate the lot of the taxi drivers in no small measure.

            Classes in Spoken English will be made accessible to the drivers, who, at present are very much handicapped by ignorance of the lingo, which is indispensable for communicating with foreign tourists as well as the majority of Indian tourists hailing from the different parts of India.

Education and training in etiquette and sociability which will render them appealing to their customers - be they foreign or Indian. As the majority of our drivers hail from interior Kerala villages they tend to be uncouth, having caught the harshness and tendency to violence that at present prevails in some parts of our country. 

           With the help of the Addon Horn company,Bangalore and some well-wishers, Sarathi has provided free accidental insurance policies worth rupees 25,000 to over 5000 taxi car drivers. And as more poor taxi drivers are queuing up for this scheme we need help from more sponsors.

           Publication and distribution among all the drivers, of a monthly News Letter, named SARATHI -THE VOICE OF DRIVERS contains:-
a) suitable passages from the selected literary works of drivers.
b) Actual experiences of some drivers that might be a source of inspiration and
    encouragement to other drivers.
c) Appropriate quiz competitions meant for drivers which will educate while entertaining.
d) Various informative and advisable articles for the drivers by people other than drivers.
        With the generous help of the Siveri Automobile Co., Cochin, that has kindly agreed to sponsor the project, we now publish 10000 copies of the News Letter - SARATHI, up from 5000 copies in July 2000. With the help of more sponsors we hope to increase the number of copies, so that they reach all the taxi stands all over the state.

Finally we go from stand to stand, talking to and consientizing the drivers about the need of unity and mutual co-operation among them. We hope and pray that the Lord may inspire more generous individuals and companies to come forward to sponsor this very laudable project. And that he may bless and render fruitful our efforts.

        Sarathi- a helpline for drivers - has adopted various ways and means to reach out to the taxi-drivers with a helping hand for their growth.

1. Sarathi News Letter

Highlighting good qualities of drivers
News for drivers
Literary expressions of dreivers
Tips for healthy relations
Glimpses of their working conditions
Insights to family members

2. Akshaya Nidhi
Saving Schemes
Self-help System

3. Awareness Card (For Drivers)
One who drives you to the destination
One who guides the way
One who lightens the burden
One who does a lot of good to the humanity
4. Sarathi Sticker
Symbol of friendship
Mutual understanding and cordiality
5.'Thank you' Card
A new culture of appreciation and acknowledgm,ent
Mutual acceptance and encouragement
Consideration to passengers

6. Identity Card

Membership in an innovative movement
For information and networking
Token for discount facilities
Useful at the time of crisis

7. Insurance Facility
Means of security
A welfare programme 

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